My husband fell in August and was wheelchair bound; he was referred to Dr. Herzog. After taking and reviewing several x-rays and MRI, Dr. Herzog diagnosed Don immediately. There was an area where bones were pressing against his spine causing weakness in his hips resulting in him falling. Dr. Herzog scheduled surgery. After therapy Don, at the age of 77, is able to walk again using a walker and go up an down stairs. We would definitely recommend Dr. Herzog to our family and friends.
Marilyn Huggins
Wife of Patient
After a long history of back trouble and 2 surgeries (1970, 78) I reached the point of having great difficulty walking with increasing trouble. My Primary Care Dr. recommended to me Dr. Herzog as one of the best Ortho back surgeons in the RVA. After diagnosing nerve compression in my lower spine he operated on me Jan 17, 2017. Each subsequent day I healed and regained my strength more and more and after 6 weeks I completed my first mile walk of many more hopefully to come! Thank you Dr. Herzog!
Harry Topping
I couldn't walk for 2 weeks and messed around with shots to my back to no avail. I saw Dr. Herzog and he did a microdiscectomy and I haven't moved this well in years. He was the best Dr I've seen about my back and 3 months after surgery I'm doing everything I couldn't before. Thanks to the most polite, precise,and professional Dr I've seen!
After steroid injections in my lower back failed to relieve my pain and numbness in my legs Dr. Herzog decided to do surgery. He never rushed me and it was more like a last resort. He did a TLIF fusion on L4-L5. He explained everything before hand and what to expect during and after surgery. The pains I experienced after surgery was exactly the way he explained it would be so I had no real concerns with the pain. 3 months out and I feel great. Dr. Herzog and his staff have been wonderful!
Greg Kilbourne
He's a caring and personable Doctor, and he explains everything to you about what needs to be done, in a way that patients can understand.. I had suffer with lower back pain for years and I can honestly say afte my lumbar fusion was done and I awoke, I had no pain at all. It was gone! Up and walking after waking up. Within two days I was walking up steps and driving in a week. If I ever need an Ortho doctor in the future, he will be the first one I would call. Thank you, Dr. Herzog!
Debbie Cruppenink
Dr. Herzog performed spinal surgery on me after 2 upper steroid injections failed. Dr. Herzog went in through my abdomen, installed 2 cages and 8 screws at L4, L5 and S1. He started at 7:00am and by 4:00pm I was walking. Dr. Herzog always met me with a smile and a hand shake, took time to explain everything to me and answered all my questions. After 3 months recovery I'm back at work. I highly recommend Dr. Herzog to my friends and family.
Marvin Womack
After living with debilitating pain for 2 decades and getting an appointment with Dr, Herzog by accident, he accurately diagnosed my problem after fighting with my insurance company to get a MRI approved. I have had four epidural steroid injections in the past 2 years and am living pain free. He gave me my life back. He is kind and listens. He is my hero.
Susan Soloe
Friendly, thorough and takes plenty of time to explain everything to you. I never felt rushed and he answered all my questions. My back has bothered me for years, but in the last several months my hip has bothered me. Other doctors I saw said it was coming from my back. Even though Dr Herzog deals with the spine, he ordered an MRI of my hip and found out I had two pelvic fractures and a torn ligament. He is treating me for that rather than sending me to someone else to start over again.
Linda G.
Dr. Herzog is a very caring and thorough. He explains what your condition is and what can/cannot be done to treat you. He listens to your questions and ensures you understand his answers. I know he is doing exactly what needs to be done to help me. I feel very at ease and am very grateful he is my physician. I would highly recommend him!
Amelia Pulley
I was able to get in quickly for a surgical consult on L spine herniation. Dr. Herzog was thorough in explaining my condition and options. He is an athlete as swell and took the time to answer questions and discuss best path for me going forward. Personal, professional, and thorough - Highly recommended!
Dennis D.
Before Dr. Herzog operated on me I had severe sciatic nerve pain in my right leg. It was so bad I couldn’t walk. After the operation, it only took three weeks to a month before I was healed completely!! I haven’t had any sciatic nerve issues since the operation. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get rid of that pain, which was there for a year. Now I am able to do anything I want to do and can walk as far as I want to walk. To be 78 years old and be back on my feet is a blessing and I owe that completely to Dr. Herzog. Everything he said would happen did happen. He is fantastic.
James Hunt
I first met Dr. Herzog six years ago for back issues, which he treated me for. Several years later I began having severe neck issues, so I went back to Dr. Herzog. He found out that the pain was being caused by a bone spur, which got so bad I couldn’t sleep; it was negatively affecting my quality of life. Dr. Herzog performed surgery to remove the bone spur. Since the surgery, everything has been great; I have no problems sleeping and have been almost completely pain free! I’m ecstatic with the job he did. Iwould recommend Dr. Herzog to everyone.”
Thomas Fischbach

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